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Dr AIvy Ray Smith govt vp, Pixar The pOlyglot language of desktop animation has arisen piecemeal as a suite of phrases borrowed from geometry, movie, video, portray, traditional animation, special effects, laptop technology, and publishing - actually, from each older artwork or technology which has something to do with photos and imagine making. Robi Roncarelli, who has already tested his foresight through officially selecting a nascent and addressing his laptop Animation e-newsletter to it, right here back makes an invaluable contribution to it by way of codifying its jargon. My excitement in studying his dictionary comes also from the various old notes sprinkled all through and from shock entries reminiscent of the only bearing on Zimbabwe. simply as Samuel Johnson's dictionary of the English language was once an incredible strength in stabilizing the spelling of English, possibly this one will serve the same goal for laptop animation. of my pets are "color" for "colour" and "modeling" "modelling", below the rule of thumb that the shorter permitted spelling is often greatest. [Robi, are you interpreting this?] [Yes, AIvy!] Now I commend this e-book to you, even if you be a newcomer or an oldtimer.

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Field (video display) - One of two portions of the screen in an interlaced scanning display system. 43 field rate animation - Computer animation that is produced on video having movement in each field vs each frame. ie: NTSC video is recorded at 30 frames-per-second, and each frame has two interlaced fields, hence a total of 60 fields-per-second. Showing movement in each field vs each frame will produce smoother apparent motion. field size - The area covered by the camera in any particular condition.

47 frame grabber - A device that accepts video as a computer input, digitizes it, and stores the information in image memory, typically, a frame buffer. frame store - Device used for short or long-term digital storage of a series of single video images so that they may be recalled for production use at a later time. See frame buffer, scanline buffer. frame store processor - Image memory with an associated display processor tailored for image computing applications. freeze-frame - To hold a frame on a monitor as long as desired.

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