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Französisches Boxen - Selbstverteidigung - Stockkampf. Die Schläge und Tritte des SAVATE entwickelten sich zu einem internationalen Wettkampfsport und einer effektiven Selbstverteidigung. Der Autor beschreibt die Techniken und den parallel gelehrten Stockkampf (La Canne) in allen Einzelheiten.Eine große Anzahl der Bilder können Sie beherrschen die Technik ist einfach genug.
SAVATE ist für Frauen und Männer jeden Alters geeignet und verbindet Eleganz mit Wirksamkeit!

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Begin to stand up and turn to the left, your opponent will be thrown over the left knee to the floor. 24 Waki gatame You attempt Ushiro otoshi but your opponent moves his right foot back to regain balance. Keep the hold on the right forearm and duck forward, rotate backward with the left leg and put your head and shoulders between the gap of his chest and arm. Continue to rotate, pulling the arm tight to the chest and apply basic Waki gatame in right posture. Stretch his arm to 45° for full application.

17. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Shomen ate Aigamae ate Gyakugamae ate Gedan ate Ushiro ate Oshi taoshi Ude gaeshi Hiki taoshi Ude garami Waki gatame Kote hineri Kote gaeshi Tenkai kote hineri Shiho nage Mae otoshi Sumi Otoshi Hiki otoshi Shomen ate Aigamae ate Gyaku gamae ate Gedan ate Ushiro ate Oshi taoshi Hiki taoshi Kote gaeshi Tenkai kote hineri Shiho nage - Waki gatame Oshi taoshi Gedan ate Aigamae ate Tenkai kote hineri Oshi taoshi Tenkai kote hineri Kote gaeshi Waki gatame Shiho nage A demonstration of 5 hidari (left) techniques as requested by the examiner Demonstration defence against 2 (open blade) edge weapon body strikes The Examiner may ask for demonstration of any technique he thinks fit to assist in grading 36 Taiho Jutsu Dan Grading Syllabus 2nd Dan (Nidan) Requirements : 2 years @ 1st Dan Randori-no-kata (Hidari) Gonosen-no-kata (Hidari) NAGE-NO-KATA Te waza 1.

33 Taiho Jutsu (Junior Kyu (Mon0 Grading Syllabus) Revision The Junior syllabus is exactly the same as the senior. However, to facilitate Mon, techniques required in grading examinations are graduated up to the full belt (Kyu) A Junior must attain the minimum age for a specific grade. This limit will be strictly adhered to. To qualify to attend a grading, a junior must have held the grade prior for a minimum of 3 months. Each grade must be obtained consecutively. White Green 10 yrs 13 yrs Yellow Blue 11 yrs 14 yrs Orange 12 yrs Brown 15 yrs On attainment of 16 years the Junior grade will be accepted as a Senior grade but as Lower if 3rd Kyu (Green), 2nd Kyu (Blue) or 1st Kyu (Brown).

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