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Том 2, «Средние века и Ренессанс», содержит почти one hundred thirty документов из различных культур Европы (например, англо-саксонской Англии, Италии эпохи Возрождения), Азии (например, Китая династии Тан, средневековой Японии, Могольской Индии), Ближнего Востока (например, в средневековой Персии, ранние исламские Аравия) и Латинской Америки (например, ацтеков Мексики, Перу, инки, майя Центральной Америки), охватывающих период с пятого до семнадцатого веков.

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This variation has been revised, rewritten and elevated. It examines sixteenth century Europe as a posh, yet interconnected complete, and explores the several political constructions of Europe, resembling the monarchies and city-republics, how they operated and regarding each other. particularly it comprises the latest scholarship during this box and emphasizes the expanding significance of town-life within the sixteenth century, and the industrial historical past of political switch.

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This ebook is predicated at the convention "EMU and the surface World", held on the Swiss Federal Institute of expertise (ETH), December eleven, 1998. The convention used to be equipped by means of the Swiss Institute for company Cycle examine (KOF), that's supported together by way of the ETH and the Swiss Society for enterprise Cycle learn (SGK), a company comprising representatives from inner most undefined, the Swiss nationwide financial institution and public experts.

Wohlfahrtspolitik und Globalisierung: Zur Diffusion der World Polity durch Organisationswandel und Wettbewerbsorientierung

In diesem Buch werden institutionelle Hintergründe einer relativ gleichförmigen Veränderung der wohlfahrtspolitischen Entwicklung untersucht. Die Neuausrichtung der Wohlfahrtspolitik, so wird gezeigt, ist Resultat internationaler Verflechtung und organisatorischen Wandels in sämtlichen Politikbereichen.

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Reform. The composition of the Security Council, with its five permanent members having qualified as the principal Second World War victors, has been subject to intense debate in recent years. The lack of permanent representation from Latin America and the Caribbean or from Africa and the Islamic World is frequently cited to demonstrate that the Council is unrepresentative. However, reform is in the hands of the permanent members and a unanimous agreement has proved elusive. In Sept. 2004 Brazil, Germany, India and Japan (the G4) launched a joint bid for permanent membership, along with a seat for an African state.

The Charter provides for the suspension or expulsion of a member for violation of its principles, but no such action has ever been taken. The UN has 193 member states, comprising every internationally recognized sovereign state, with the exception of the Holy See. ) Finance. Contributions from member states constitute the main source of funds. These are in accordance with a scale specified by the Assembly, and determined primarily by the country’s share of the world economy and ability to pay, in the range 0·001%–22·000%.

Lee’s appointment came almost ten months after Chung had submitted his resignation in the wake of the Sewol ferry disaster, which left 304 people dead. Kané Aïchatou Boulama was appointed foreign minister of Niger. Week beginning 1 March 2015 Parliamentary elections took place in Andorra. The Democrats for Andorra (DA) won 15 seats with 37·0% of the vote and the Liberals of Andorra (PLA) won 8 with 27·7%. Two other alliances and parties took the remaining five seats. Turnout was 65·6%. Prime minister Antoni Martí of the DA retained his position when the new government was approved by parliament a month later.

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