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By M A Harder, R F Regtuit, G C Wakker

This quantity comprises the papers of the 'Seventh Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry: past the Canon' (Groningen 2004). throughout the workshop a primary draft of every of the papers used to be commented on by way of a global crew of experts within the box of Hellenistic poetry. a couple of past workshops was once dedicated principally to the key Hellenistic poets. This fresh workshop explores what the poets 'beyond the canon' of Callimachus, Theocritus and Apollonius Rhodius needed to provide and it mentioned questions of canonicity in Hellenistic poetry on a extra common point. The papers within the current quantity care for a wide variety of authors and genres: Herondas, Lycophron, Euphorion, Hermesianax, Cercidas, Crates of Thebes and Alexander Aetolus, and the didactic poetry of Aratus, Nicander and Ps.-Scymnus, the later bucolic poems of Moschus and Bion and the development poems of Simias. while precise realization is given to the hexameter in inscribed Hellenistic epigram, that is in comparison to that of poets within the atmosphere of the Museum of Alexandria. This quantity is a part of a chain. each years a 'Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry' happens on the collage of Groningen, the papers of that are released in 'Hellenistica Groningana'.

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May the Lord of Lords concede them, of His Mercy, the joys of peace and days full of happiness! For this is the race which, brave and valiant, threw off in battle from their necks the most hard Roman yoke, and it is the Franks who, after Baptism, have enclosed in gold and precious stones the bodies of the Holy Martyrs, whom the Romans had burnt by fire, mutilated by the sword, or thrown to wild beasts. The Franks, then, were beloved of God and ready to succeed where the Romans had failed. Much has been written over the imperial ambitions of the Carolingians, of their great effort to revive and conserve classical learning, but their ambition was directed not at the restoration of the Empire of pagan Rome, but the establishment of a Christian Empire that would defend the Church and promulgate the Kingdom of God.

That there are people in this world who since they are compelled by predestination of God to go to death, cannot correct themselves of error and sin. ” Not everyone reacted so violently to the idea of double predestination. , Carolingian civilization: a reader. Source Ad Notingum episopum Veronensem de preascientiia ac praedestinatione, dci, PL, vol. 112 c. 1540C7–1541A11, pp. 369–397. 26 MGH Epp. V pp. 481–482 Cited Ganz, “The debate on predestination,” pp. 227–228. ’27 Lupus of Ferrières wrote in a letter to Charles the Bald circa 849: This dividing into the saved and the condemned has been, is, and will be: and it will be revealed when time is over, at the Last Judgement.

Ten years later the Annals of St. Bertin for 839 mentions the presence of an English envoy asking permission for the English king to travel tribuat. Haec est enim gens ualida, quae Romanorum iugem durissimum de suis ceruibibus discussit pugnando, atque post agnitionem baptisimi sanctorum martyrum corpora, quae Romani igne cremauerunt vel ferro truncauerunt atque betiis lacarando proiecterunt, Franci super eos aurum lapides preciosos adornauerunt. Cited Jeffrey A. Bowman, “The Bishop Builds a Bridge: Sanctity and Power in the Medieval Pyrenees,” The Catholic Historical Review 88 (2002).

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