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By Charles H. Kahn

Through feedback and research of historical traditions, Kahn reconstructs the development of Anaximander’s proposal utilizing ancient equipment reminiscent of the reconstructive options of comparative linguists.

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127c. 4; Arist. Met. ) This is one of the rare cases where two doxographers can be compared according to the principles of textual criticism, and from this point of view it is clear that the readings of Simplicius are to be preferred. ). ) €(f>ri ovTOJv The complete agreement of Simplicius and Hippolytus provides us with the original wording of Theophrastus, against which the other doxographers must be judged. None contains the information concerning Anaximander's terminology, but Aetius and Diogenes Laertius some of the first part of 2 verbatim.

Wlictlier or not Theophrast^is has funda; ; THE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE 22 we possessed this case the full text of HeracUtus tion of Theophrastus, we would no doubt plete as in the excerpts and the original exposi- find the parallelism as com- from the Timaeus. These considerations may suffice to justify the inevitable use of Theophrastus' account as the groundwork for any history of sixthcentury thought. work is not because the general aim and outlook of his It is truly historical that we may rely upon it; for such is not the is in virtue of his careful and intelhgent use of original documents in the exposition of early theories that his account may serve to replace these documents when they themselves have been lost.

Careful study of the texts. ' Since attention this to was written, F. Solmsen has called "howler" in "Aristotle and this Presocratic (1958), 277. Cosmogony", Harv. , LXIII ARRANGEMENT OF THE DOXOGRAPHY what is left of Theophrastus' account of the doctrines of Anaximander, together with a commentary. THE following pages contain The Graeci, but text reproduced is essentially that of Diels in the Doxographi silently incorporates a few minor changes adopted by him in the Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.

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