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By Roger S. Kirby

Written via Roger Kirby, An Atlas of Erectile disorder, moment version provides clinicians with easy accessibility to the knowledge they should comprehend the motives, pinpoint the analysis, and begin secure and powerful treatment. Dr. Kirby explores the new, quick adjustments within the figuring out of the pathophysiology and the administration algorithms bearing on the main acceptable and low-priced method of handling erectile disorder. The atlas includes diagrams which are sincerely defined and straightforward to appreciate and impressive illustrations and colour images, which makes this atlas a must-read for someone treating sufferers with being affected by erectile disorder.

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The thick smooth muscle walls allow the artery to function as a resistance vessel controlling blood flow within the lacunar spaces to maintain flaccidity. By courtesy of D. Prieto and U. Simonsen Figure 11 Venous drainage from the corpora cavernosa takes place mainly through the deep dorsal vein, which lies dorsally in the groove between the corpora and passes beneath the pubic arch to join the dorsal venous complex at the urethroprostatic junction. The less surgically accessible bulbar and cavernosal veins join to form the internal pudendal vein 39 Figure 12 Lymphatic drainage of the penis is accomplished by the superficial and deep inguinal nodes which, in turn, drain to the iliac and para-aortic lymph nodes Figure 13 Locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the penis.

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