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By S. Jorgensen

Sixteen classes with sixty three illustrations. Come alongside, gun disarming, rnife disarming, nerve strain issues, loss of life blows, chokehold holiday, headlock breaks, harmful process.

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It belonged to the Daruma Doll that Sensei Yamada, his Zen teacher, had given him during his first week of samurai training at the Niten Ichi Ryū, the ‘One School of Two Heavens’ in Kyoto. More than a year had passed since Jack’s fateful arrival in Japan when a ninja attack upon the trading ship his father piloted had left him stranded and fighting for his life. The sole survivor, Jack had been rescued by the legendary warrior Masamoto Takeshi, the founder of this particular samurai school. Injured, unable to speak the language and without friends or family to look after him, Jack had had little choice but to do as he was told.

Jack knew it. He wasn’t going to be given any time to recover. Usually he enjoyed randori since it was exciting and challenging. But Kazuki was vindictive. In free-sparring, punches were supposed to be ‘pulled’, kicks held back, throws executed with due care, and locks released immediately an opponent tapped for submission. But given the slightest chance, Kazuki would apply his techniques with full force and ignore any calls for submission. With little choice in the matter, Jack got up and stood on Sensei Kyuzo’s left-hand side.

Jack put away the rutter, padding the futon back over the top. It was such a poor hiding place for something so precious and he realized he needed to find a more secure location for it before Dragon Eye returned. Yamato slid open the door of the room to leave. ’ They held each other’s stare, the tension between them growing. Jack shook his head. ‘My father went to great lengths to keep it hidden. On-board ship he had a secret compartment for it. Not even the Captain knew where my father held his logbook.

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