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By Robyn Gee; Rob McCaig; Ian Ashman

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Curtius gives the point of view of one of his class. Then the Wgure of Alexander was not value-free in the Roman political scene. At one level the image of Alexander had remained as a rallying point for Greeks and Macedonians during the Hellenistic period. So, for example, Antiochus III exploited his link with Alexander’s family in 192, before he went to war with Rome (Livy 35. 47. 5–8). 112 Thirdly we have Livy’s word that Greeks were using the Alexander myth to challenge the notion of Rome’s invincibility (Livy 9.

1), then we cannot tell whether either was inXuenced by the other. Fears (1976a), 217 goes further in identifying contradictions between Curtius and Seneca as part of his case for dating Curtius much later, and indeed in the third century. But Seneca’s essays are better taken as giving some idea of the literary scene at the time when he and Curtius were writing. In terms of language Curtius has many links at various points with Pomponius Mela’s work on geography, as they use very similar phraseology.

5). 109 A misreading of a Greek numeral at 4. 4. 16, for example, is claimed by Levi (1977), 160. Steele (1919), 51 suggests a similar error at 3. 7. 5, when read with A. 2. 5. 9. Atkinson (1980), 365–6 finds another possible misreading of a Greek source at 4. 8. 4. Then there is the notorious case of the place name Arvae (6. 4. 23), which Steele, pp. 50–1, took to arise from a misunderstanding of the Greek participle aras (‘setting off ’), as found at A. 3. 23. 6. 110 Berve, ii. p. 429. 111 He is paired by Curtius with Euctemon, whose name, meaning ‘well-oV’ provides a nice irony.

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