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By James W. Redhouse

The Ottoman Language is the main hugely polished department of the nice Turkish tongue, that's spokon, with dialectic diversifications, around the entire breadth, approximately, of the center quarter of the continent of Asia, impinging into Europe, even, within the Ottoman provinces, and likewise, in Southern Russia, as much as the frontiers of the outdated nation of Poland. The Ottoman language is, in its grammar and vocabulary, essentially Turkish. It has, even if, followed, and maintains progressively more to undertake, as required, an unlimited variety of Arabic, Porsian, and overseas phrases (Greek, Armenian, Slavonic, Hungarian, Italian, French, English, etc.), including using many of the grammatical ideas of the Arabic and Porsian, that are given as Turkish principles within the following pages, their beginning being in every one case precise. the nice Turkish language, turkje, Ottoman and non-Ottoman, has been classed, by means of ecu writers as one of many " agglutinative" languages ; now not inflTable of Contents Preface ; observe on identification of Alphabets xii; bankruptcy I Letters and ORTnooiurnr; part I quantity, Order, Forma, and Names of; Letters 1; Synopsis of Arabic, Greek, and Latin; Letters four; ? II Phonetic Values of Letters, Vowel-Points, Orthographic indicators, Transliteration, Ottoman Euphony 15; bankruptcy IL Ottoman Accidence; part I Nouns substantial fifty one; ? II Nouns Adjective GS; ? III Numerals seventy four; , IV Pronouns eighty two; vi; desk of contents; part V Demonstratives 8b; ? VI Interrogatives 89; ? VII Relative Pronouns ninety; ? VIIIDerivation of Verbs ninety two; (Table) ninety four; ? IX Conjugation of Verbs ; Moods; Tenses ;; Participles; Verbal Nouns; Gerunds ninety nine; ? X Numbers aiul Tersons a hundred and fifteen ? XI advanced different types of Verbs , 119; ? XII First advanced type one hundred twenty ? XIII moment ? ? a hundred twenty five; ? XIV 3rd ? 129; ? XV mixed (Turkish) Conjugation 133; ? XVI detrimental and Impotential Conjugations , one hundred thirty five; ? XVII Dubitative, power, and Facile Verbs 141; ? XVII I Verb important one hundred forty four; ?

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187–190. Young reported that the skeleton “evidently had been dressed in pants or a skirt of leather with fancy overlaid textiles and bronze studs on the outside,” although some of these materials might have been the remains of a bronze-and-leather belt placed over the legs of the king. In addition, the body may have been covered by a shroud. Young, Gordion I, 101, and Gordion Field Book (hereafter GFB) 63, 183–184. Young’s “bed” was not catalogued in the field. 16 See also Color Plate IB and Plate 109.

Diagram of a “calendar” embroidery showing the year as a circle, divided into months, with each of the 365 days represented. Major feasts and the best planting days for various crops are indicated, along with the solstices and equinoxes. Historical Museum, Moscow. Two wooden door posts, said to represent the “ancestors,” carved with lozenge patterns representing the multiple bodies of many generations. New Caledonia, South Pacific. Toba woman with facial tattoos, including a quartered lozenge, with dots in the quadrants, on her forehead, Argentina.

Representations of Assyrian dress from the reign of Tiglath-pileser III (r. ). C. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara. ). Aquila, Museo Aquilano. PREFACE Rodney S. Young, director of the University of Pennsylvania team that excavated the ancient Phrygian site of Gordion, Turkey, died in 1974, with the study of the wooden objects still in its preliminary stages. 1 Comparison of the field drawings with the excavation photographs showed that many of the original drawings of the wooden artifacts from these three tombs—Tumulus MM, Tumulus P, and Tumulus W—were inaccurate.

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