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Third ; neiHna, a fifth, &c. : ' As an previously stated, the cardinal e^Ani TpeiAna, a is treated as Sometimes we have survivals of the old adjective. cases in the gen. e^noro and the dative e^HOMy. only When article also in relation to the by studying Bulgarian of 0. S. that we can understand means e^Am* ; as, ' the e^nnt-TL Bpan>, have a plural : cf . it can take the the single enemy/ Latin unse It can literse. Dates are expressed in Bulgarian way grammar these curious survivals. only/ &c v ' It is in the following : Ha flBaHceib H AeBeT^eceib 1 H n^pBHn ABrycn.

Mp-t Mp-t-X-Z. Pres. stem Mp-e. PRESENT. 1. Mp-25L Mp-e-Mt 2. Mp-e-nit Mp-e-Te 3. -T'L IMPERATIVE. 2. MPH 1. Mp-t-Xl Mp-h-X-MC 2. Mp-e-uie Mp-t-M-Te 3. Mp-t-x-x Mp-e-Te. IMPERFECT. ' to lean/ as onpiiTB, ' ' to shut up/ also participle passive, 43 CONJUGATION WITH PEESENT SUEFIX. STEMS WHICH END IN A VOWEL. ' 7. Inf. a. ' past part. act. II. GH-JI. past part. ; 6HT"L. , AORIST. Sing. /?. 1. 6H-xt 2. 6H 6H-X-TC 3. 6n 6H-x-x Pres. stem Plur. 6ij-x-Me 1 Gfl-j-e. PRESENT. 1. 6ni& 2. 6H-eiIIb 6H-6-T6 3.

G. na Pa,a,a ua D. na Pa,a,H na A. Pa^a Pa A o V. ' Mapra, N. G. D. A. V. /iHii,H BeaMKa BCJIHKO 4TH DECLENSION. t (^)-STEMS. The only trace of is this declension in modern Bulgarian found in the plural termination -OBC in monosyllabic Signifying, literally, ' ' Sunday. 12 BULGARIAN GRAMMAR. The same nouns. there is peculiarity is found in Serbian ; and also a trace of it in the plural of cbim. in Russian, viz. cbiHOBt'a (G. cbiHOBen). With these exceptions this declension has been more or less absorbed by the first.

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