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By H. T. Lau

It is a large library of c workouts to do exactly approximately something. the single sore spots are the various vector and matrix workouts. they're divided up in order that a few extremely simple operations require numerous exercises. after all this was once performed for flexibility, yet a few may perhaps locate that writing their very own is extra effective. additionally, the 2 element boundary worth challenge solvers are very restricted and the DE part in simple terms includes consistent time-step solvers. The targeted functionality part is great, although. however, regardless of the constraints, i've got chanced on this to be a gold mine of exercises and a really helpful e-book. i will usually locate stuff right here that's virtually most unlikely to discover somewhere else.

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Function Parameters: void elmrowcol (I, u, ij,a, b,x) 1,u: int; lower and upper bound of the running subscript; i: int; row-index of a; Copyright 1995 by CRC Press, Inc j : int; column-index of b; a,b: float a[i:i,l:u], b[l:u,j~], when a=b then correct elimination is guaranteed only when the row and column are disjunct; x: float; elimination factor. void elmrowcol(int 1, int u, int i, int j, float **a, float **b, float x) I for (; lc=u; 1++) a[il [ll += b[ll [jl*x; 1 J. , u. I I Function Parameters: int maxelrnrow (I, u, i,j,a,b,x) maxelmrow: delivers the index of the maximal element after elimination step upon a; 1,u: int; lower and upper bound of the running subscript; i: int; row-index of a; j : int; row-index of b; a, b: float a[i:i, l:u], b[i: i, l:u]; x: float; elimination factor.

Xu. , u. 1J IJ' Function Parameters: void comcolcst (l,u,j,ar,ai,xr,xi) 1,u: int; lower and upper bound of the column vector; j: int; column-index of the column vector; ar,ai: float ar[l:ujj], ai[l:ujj]; entry: ar: real part; ai: imaginary part of the column vector; exit: the transformed complex column; xr,xi: float; entry: xr: real part of the multiplication factor; xi: imaginary part of the multiplication factor. Function used: commul. void comcolcst(int 1, int u, int j, float **ar, float **ai, float xr, float xi) ( void comrnul(float, float, float, float, float * , float *); B.

Function used: elmrowvec. 15 Complex vector and matrix - Rotation A. , u). Function Parameters: void rotcomcol (I,u, i,j,ar,ai,cr,ci,s) int; the rotation is performed on the column vectors ar[l:u,i:i], ar[l:u,jj], ai[l:u,jj]; ar, ai: float ar[l: u, ij], ai[l: u,iy]; entry: ar: real part and ai: imaginary part of the column vectors; exit: the resulting vectors; cr,ci,s: float; rotation factors. i j : void rotcomcol(int 1, int u, int i, int j, float **ar, float **ai, float cr, float ci, float s) float arli,aili,arlj,ailj; for 1 ( ; l<=u; 1++) { arli=ar [ll [il ; aili=ai [l] [il ; arlj=ar[ll [jl ; ailj=ai [l] [jl ; ar [ll [il =cr*arli+ci*aili-s*arlj; ai [ll [il=cr*aili-ci*arli-s*ailj; ar [ll [jI =cr*arlj-ci*ailj+s*arli; ai [l] [j]=cr*ailj+ci*arlj+s*aili; 1 B.

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