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Regardless of a couple of error, whilst one starts to appreciate the stream of this laboratory handbook it makes for nice pedagological development.

I have used it in a lecture room atmosphere with so much passable effects for the scholars.

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Go to the end of the list. Report whether the list is empty. Report whether the list is full. Clear the list. Quit the test program. Suppose you wish to confirm that your array implementation of the Point List ADT successfully constructs a point list storing the vertices of a square. You can test this case by entering the following sequence of keyboard commands. Command + 1 1 + 1 2 + 2 2 + 2 1 Q Action Append (1,1) Append (1,2) Append (2,2) Append (2,1) Quit It is easy to see how this interactive test program allows you to rapidly examine a variety of test cases.

Results: If the cursor is not at the beginning of a list, then moves the cursor to the preceding point in the list and returns true. Otherwise, returns false. Point getCursor () const Requirements: List is not empty. Results: Returns a copy of the point marked by the cursor. Point List ADT void showStructure () const Requirements: None Results: Outputs the points in a list. If the list is empty, outputs “Empty list”. Note that this operation is intended for testing/debugging purposes only. | 27 Point List ADT | 29 Laboratory 2: Cover Sheet Name __________________________________________ Date _______________________ Section _________________________________________ Place a check mark in the Assigned column next to the exercises your instructor has assigned to you.

Logbook ADT | 21 Laboratory 1: Postlab Exercise 2 Name __________________________________________ Date _______________________ Section _________________________________________ Part A What is the significance of the keyword const and the symbol ‘&’ in the following function prototype from In-lab Exercise 3? void operator += ( const Logbook &rightLogbook ) 22 | Laboratory 1 Part B What is gained by passing rightLogbook in this way? Point List ADT Implement a list of points using an array representation of a list, including development of an iteration scheme that allows you to move through a list data item by data item Become familiar with the concept of using a cursor to focus on a particular item in a data structure Create a program—using OpenGL—that displays a curve represented as a point list Develop a function to determine whether one point list represents a translation of another point list Objectives In this laboratory you will: 24 | Laboratory 2 Overview The list is perhaps the most commonly used data structure.

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