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An insufficient understanding of the system would lead to faulty changes or bug fixes. 2 on page 21) vanish. Furthermore, the usually as negative discredited implications of state support like references and aliasing are by no means just a crude copy of an underlying primitive von Neumann hardware. Consider an office software where you may embed pictures into word-processor texts.

4 on page 14) dynamic binding supports modularization. Analog to the separation of data generation and control the separation between method selection and method invocation decouples the client from the server. The client does not need to prescribe the server’s action. It just declares a goal (through a message send) and the server is free to choose whatever appropriate action. , dynamic binding is used for the receiver of a message send only. If dynamic binding is extended to the arguments of the message send it is called multi-dispatch.

However, classless languages are not in widespread use and one of my aims is to improve the practice in object-oriented design. 1 Worldview The object-oriented paradigm suggests to decompose systems in autonomous objects. Autonomous means an object 1. represents a complete entity. It is not just material or tools but both at once. 2. has a self-supporting state. It manages and keeps its state without needing support. 3. provides self-sustained operations. In case it refers to other objects it does not matter to clients.

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