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By Sam Sheridan

It happened to him that he may possibly ultimately discover a long-held obsession: scuffling with. inside a yr, he used to be in Bangkok education with Thailand's maximum kickboxing champion and stepping in the course of the ropes for his first specialist bout. yet one struggle wasn't sufficient, and Sheridan got down to try himself on an epic trip into how and why we struggle, dealing with Olympic boxers, Brazilian jiu-jitsu stars, and supreme battling champions.

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As I did our heads clashed. The back of mine with the front of his. I felt the weight lift off my back as he rolled over and groaned. I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast in all my life. ’ Extract from Unleash the Lioness. As you can see from this extract, the head can be devastating and effective, even when used by accident. This woman, in the midst of an attempted rape scenario felled her attacker by accident with a devastating reverse head butt. Reverse head butt: This attack is potentially one of the most dangerous head attacks because of the pure surprise of it.

Power in the butt relies upon two major things. Firstly, the whiplashing effect of your head as you lurch forward to attack – the body weight being projected slightly before the head, secondly the momentum of the propelling body weight (which should still be travelling forward as the head strikes its target), adding weight and travel to the said attack. Left to right: Please try to follow the pictures here, they will show the technique better than a description. It goes without saying that I would ask a question before attacking, so as to engage the opponent’s brain, thus ensuring a window of entry.

If applying the same technique to the opponent’s head or face, first grab his head by the hair or ears or by coupling your hands up at the back of his head and pull his head down rapidly as you thrust your knee into his face. As they meet smash your knee through his face. As I said earlier, if you have the choice better to go for the lower extremities than try to knee him in the head by dragging his head to your knee. His wedding tackle is already there waiting to be attacked so why travel anywhere else when it is not necessary.

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