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By Vladimir V. Tkachuk

This paintings is a continuation of the 1st quantity released by way of Springer in 2011, entitled "A Cp-Theory challenge ebook: Topological and serve as Spaces." the 1st quantity supplied an advent from scratch to Cp-theory and normal topology, getting ready the reader for a qualified figuring out of Cp-theory within the final part of its major textual content. This current quantity covers a large choice of issues in Cp-theory and normal topology on the specialist point bringing the reader to the frontiers of contemporary learn. the quantity comprises 500 difficulties and routines with entire ideas. it could even be used as an advent to complicated set concept and descriptive set conception. The publication offers different themes of the speculation of functionality areas with the topology of pointwise convergence, or Cp-theory which exists on the intersection of topological algebra, practical research and common topology. Cp-theory has an incredible position within the type and unification of heterogeneous effects from those components of analysis. in addition, this ebook provides a fairly whole insurance of Cp-theory via 500 conscientiously chosen difficulties and routines. by means of systematically introducing all of the significant themes of Cp-theory the publication is meant to carry a committed reader from uncomplicated topological ideas to the frontiers of contemporary research.

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S 257. g, where each Xn is a Lindelöf ˙-space. Prove that X is a Lindelöf ˙-space. 258. Suppose that T Z is a space and Xn Z is Lindelöf ˙ for each n 2 !. g is a Lindelöf ˙-space. 259. Let X be a Lindelöf ˙-space such that each compact subset of X is finite. Prove that X is countable. 260. X / > ! and all compact subsets of X are countable. 261. Prove that any K ı -space is Lindelöf ˙. Show that there exists a K ı -space which is not Lindelöf p. 262. X / Ä !. Prove that X is countable. 263. X / has the Baire property.

Monolithic. 182. /-stable. 18 1 Duality Theorems and Properties of Function Spaces 183. Ä/-quotient-stable. 184. Ä/-monolithic. Ä/-R-quotient-stable. 185. Ä/-monolithic for some infinite cardinal Ä. Ä/-monolithic. 186. Ä/-monolithic for some infinite cardinal Ä. Ä/-monolithic. 187. Ä/-open-stable. 188. /-stable space such that X n is Hurewicz for all n 2 N. X / and any f 2 AnA, there is a discrete D A such that f is the only accumulation point of D. 189. /-monolithic space of countable spread.

D Ä [ fag, where a … Ä. If x 2 Ä, let Bx D ffxgg. ÄnB/ W B is a countable subset of Äg. Ä/. Ä/ is called the Lindelöfication of the discrete space of cardinality Ä. g A such that fn ! f g. The closure operator u A ! X /. X /. X /. X /. X /. x/ for any x 2 X . As usual, the expression X ' Y says that the spaces X and Y are homeomorphic. A space X is metacompact if every open cover of X has a point-finite open refinement. A space X is called Dieudonné complete if it embeds as a closed subspace into a product of metrizable spaces.

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