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By Heinz Kramer

Turkey is a longstanding best friend of the U.S. and Europe. After the death of the Soviet empire, Turkey's strategic value has replaced yet no longer decreased. this present day Turkey is dealing with a totally diverse overseas and defense coverage setting. although, Turkey is usually present process striking inner switch. Many verified political truths of the Republic's seventy-five-year-long culture are more and more puzzled through a starting to be a part of its humans. notably, there's the increase of political Islam and the consequent conflict of ideologies among "secularists" and "Islamists" in addition to the controversy approximately Turkey's "Kurdish reality." Turkey's allies must reply to this improvement by means of adapting their guidelines. not anything below a re-examination and, ultimately, a re-orientation in family members with either the USA and Europe is needed if Turkey is to stay anchored within the West. This publication undertakes a finished review and research of Turkey's inner and exterior alterations and gives components of a brand new ecu and American coverage towards a key strategic companion.

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The person who did it consciously ran the risk of being taken into custody and prosecuted for propagating separatism. 2011 04:22:00 page_38 < previous page page_38 next page > Page 38 comprehensive policy directing Turkey's role in and after the Gulf War. 5 In April 1991, Law 2932 of 1983, which had effectively banned the use of the Kurdish language in public, was repealed, and later that year the Turkish government started a dialogue with the Kurdish groups in northern Iraq. A general debate about changes of policy toward the Kurds was initiated in the media.

In response the military managed a wave of public protest against the coalition that finally led to Erbakan's resignation. Observers among Turkish journalists used the term ''postmodern coup" for evaluating these developments. 2011 04:21:57 page_31 < previous page page_31 next page > Page 31 The importance the military assigns to its domestic mission became apparent again in March 1998. Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz *, who had replaced Erbakan in June 1997 by forming a three-party minority coalition of two center-right parties (ANAP and DTP) and the pro-Kemalist Democratic Left Party (DSP) of Bülent Ecevit, was heavily critized by the Turkish armed forces command for having asked the military to mind its own business and leave the fight against Islamic fundamentalism to the political and judicial institutions that are constitutionally endowed with the task.

It has become a central element of modern Turkey's raison d'être, firmly inscribed in the constitution drafted under military supervision after the coup of 1980 and accepted with a large majority in a referendum in 1982. According to the doctrine, there is only one people in Turkey, and it comprises the totality of the country's citizens, who all enjoy the same rights and have the same obligations. Claims based on ethnic difference are unjustified because every Turkish citizen is a first-class citizen, a sentiment that has become the established reason for politicians and state officials to refuse Kurdish demands for minority rights.

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