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By Webster Griffin Tarpley

In transparent and chic language, it is a must-read, in-depth research of the history to Sep 11, and the way the general public, the media, and Congress was once hoodwinked via a small band of home-grown terrorists shut (if no longer very shut) to the White condo. learn this for no different cause than to achieve a feeling of contemporary historical past and you'll be well-rewarded. learn it, too, should you suggestion all alongside that GWB used to be too dumb to have masterminded this outrage. (And wager what - you have been right!)

Bush emerges as a brainless catspaw - a scared puppet whose strings have been pulled via a bunch of people that can simply be defined as evil. Tarpley may be front-runner for a Pulitzer for this paintings, if now not a Nobel prize.

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The monstrous act itself was new,” Habermas observed. one factor above all seems to me to be relevant: one never really knows who one’s enemy is. ” (Borradori 28-29) We see that Habermas, however obliquely, was content to accept the official version. Is terrorism political? ” (Borradori 33) I myself was in Berlin on 9/11, and saw how the lurid tabloid press there, led by the Bild Zeitung, attempted to awaken a new sense of guilt in the German population because Atta, the “terror beast,” had lived in Hamburg.

Another group had as its spokesman Stephen Push. After months of trips to Washington to lobby Congress, Kristen Breitweiser was designated by the 9/11 victims’ families to testify in the first public hearing of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JICI) inquiry at the US Capitol. The four widows soon became embittered as they saw that members of Congress and their staffs were determined to avoid the questions that seemed most important to them. They were indignant that the Ashcroft Justice Department had prescribed that “minders” had to be present whenever the JICI interviewed officials from the intelligence agencies, a rather overt form of witness intimidation which was later continued in regard to the Kean-Hamilton Commission.

But the general approach of the JICI was that there had been an intelligence failure, and that there ought to be measures to avoid more intelligence failures – nothing more. SKEPTICAL GOVERNMENTS The other factor that ought to give any thoughtful citizen cause to reflect is the significant number of dissenting opinions registered in the months after 9/11. We have assembled some of these here for inspection. Naturally, few if any of these critical strictures on 9/11 were ever presented in the US news media.

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